We created Iron Joc because the gear we wore to workout in, wasn’t working out.

Every time we tried different performance apparel; it was the same old story. B.O. bacteria settled into the clothing, destroyed the fabric, and the lasting gym bag funk ruined the experience and was a waste of money.

We learned quick that it’s not about the logo on the outside, it’s about the technology on the inside. Because It’s What’s Inside that matters.

So we created Iron Joc – the most advanced workout gear and apparel in the world.

We made it stink less. Enduretech is what’s inside every piece of Iron Joc gear. A super fabric scientifically designed with nano-silver technology and is exclusive to only Iron Joc. Enduretech’s innovative Nano Silver technology naturally activates, seeks-out and eliminates 99.9% of all odor-causing bacteria.

We made it quit less. Iron Joc stands up to wear and tear and is wash tested 2X more than the industry standards, guaranteeing odor protection that will never wash or fade away.

We make it work more. Enduretech’s lightweight materials allow for fast-drying and wicking, a cooler cool down and anti-static four-way stretch developed for all shapes and sizes. It’s gear made to look good, feel great and go with your flow, not get in the way.

We make it work anywhere. Enduretech is in 100% of our gear and within select items
we created Enduretech+, gear designed to perform both indoors and outdoors with enhanced stain-blocking and water repellency.

And we guarantee it. Iron Joc gear is guaranteed to perform and beat the stink for as long as you own the gear. If for any reason, at any time you’re
not satisfied, send it back  no questions asked.

Your workout will never be the same. This is workout gear that doesn’t stink and never quits. Because IT’S WHAT’S INSIDE that counts.

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Our proprietary Silver Ion Technology is guaranteed to provide odor fighting protection for as long as you own it.Love it or send it back - no questions asked.




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