Get the Facts on Permanent Antimicrobial Protection

You have probably heard claims from other popular athletic brands or even tried some of their “antimicrobial” products. It’s easy to make these claims, but honestly, from our experience and background in the field, we know many of them are bogus. Iron Joc set out from the beginning to produce a product that actually worked as promised.

To prove our effectiveness and our claim to last for the life of the garment, we arranged for some extreme testing by an independent laboratory. The highest industry standards for synthetic apparel to claim permanency is 55 washes. This testing is only credible when conducted by an independent laboratory according to strict AATCC 100 testing guidelines.

Very few brands, if any, will even test to, let alone pass, the minimum requirement of 55 washes. We asked the lab to test Iron Joc to 100 washes to prove our permanency. The lab was shocked since no other brand had ever attempted this number of washes to test for antimicrobial permanency. During the testing cycles, we followed all of the testing protocols, including, Tide detergent and proper drying cycles to closely imitate normal laundering.

Guess what? After 75 washes and 18 dry cycles we still proved over 99% kill rate after 24 hours for Staphylococcus aureus (Gram-positive bacterium) and Klebsiella pneumoniae (Gram-negative bacterium). We held the testing standards to 1 x 105 with a >2-Log10 or 99% kill. After 100 washes and 28 dry cycles, the garments were still able to provide greater than 87% effectiveness. Full test results are available here.

What lab conducted the testing?


Is there an official name for the test or procedure?

Non-GLP Modified AATCC 100

Our proprietary Silver Ion Technology is guaranteed to provide odor fighting protection for as long as you own it.Love it or send it back - no questions asked.




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